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July 03, 2010



I agree. Being a residnet at Bohlann Towers. They claim to address the bedbug issue and roach issue and yet my kitchen is still crawling with roaches. Killiing roaches could be a full time job for me if I did not have to go to work. My poor cats cannot even eat their food in peace without a roach trying to get into it. God forbid if you leave your food on the stove to cool because they will crawl right into it. Note I said the stove and not the counters. I cannot open a kitchen cabinet without seeing at least 4 of them,. No one should live like this and then you have to worry about going to be with bedbugs fun. Supposedly they have done 3 complete exterminations in my apartment but it seems to have no effect on the roaches and after the 2nd one I found a bedbug in my bathroom at 10 pm in the evening now there is no bed in the bathroom. The stairwells look better, the halls look better, but as for these meeting they have they like to change the venue/location at the last minute. Now if every resident in the building went down into that meeting there would be no room to move. They hold it downstatirs instead of the kiley center. They appear to go out of their way to make you feel unwelcome and anything that happens results in a notice stating if suchs and such or if this occures or if cooperation is not received an automatic eviction will occur. I do not believe that anyone really wants to live in this building but rent on the outside is ridiculous and not affordable by most of the single mothers in the building. If you give the roaches and bedbugs and mice and waterbugs a survey they will tell you they do not care if your house is dirty or clean they want to visit anyway when no one is doing anything to get rid of them. Then the bedbug infested furniture is left to sit outside by the dumpsters where they can just crawl right back into the building. I am sure there are many homes in the city of Peekskill that have the bedbug issue who will not admit to it. I also bet that any place that has it is trying to place the blame at low income housing because we are the only ones who spoke up about it. I am sure City Hall probably has them as most of the schools do.

Dale Darlene Simmons

I don't live at Bohlmann but I am African American woman that has witnessed the disrespect of the so called authority of housing! Sad, sad, sad! he really needs to go back to where he came from! And I don't mean Asbury park!

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